About Us
Grass Roots direct aid to  those in need.
An experience in the heart of Cambodia
Like many people direction comes from a life changing event. This was an experience in 2002 for Husband and Wife Couple Scott Lawrance and Joanne Mccord, in which paths crossed with an inspirational man named Suon Rottana. His story was the catalyst in which Rice For Life evolved.
The Following year the couple  returned to Cambodia and worked alongside an NGO based in Rural Cambodia where they dedicated their time to assisting families directly affected by landmines. With a better understanding of the requirements to provide effective assistance to impoverished families, the Team went on to establish their own support program and develop a means in which every dollar donated by supporters would achieve the best results.
Rice for Life is a great way to support vulnerable families in Cambodia. Our program enables you to supply vital food and resources through our partner organisations. Rice for Life assists schools and works with local partners to improve access to educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and families.

​Our Mission was to establish a Program that.

Provides complete transparency with funds donated.
Supplies Rice and financial assistance to struggling Families.
Help break the poverty cycle by supporting children to access Education.
Help provide much needed medical support.

​​​Offering Support Direct To The People

​​The heart and soul of Rice for Life is the people ​​

​​that support what we do.​ 

​​​Rice for Lifes Scott Lawrance & Joanne McCord